5/2 Update

We managed to accomplish a thing! Through a bunch of hangups and misunderstanding, we pushed our changes successfully last week. Essentially, what our ticket involved was more or less cleanup. We had to search the code base for references to methods and values that are no longer used, and removing them from a document. The document itself was two actual files, one for Spanish and one for English.

The determining factor in whether or not a file would be removed is its presence in a .jsp file. If the declaration existed in a .jsp file, then it was still considered “in use” and remained in the document. All in all it was a pretty simple project, but grasping the specifics of the semantics were the hard part to overcome.


Hello. My name is Dale Diaz. I am currently a senior in the computer science program at Worcester State University, with a focus in software development. This is my introductory blog post for my CAPSTONE requirement, where I’ll be working in a group on the OpenMRS project. I’m really looking forward to diving into this project and seeing what I can learn about working in a group environment and seeing how much I can accomplish. Let’s do the thing!